Mineral Grades and Separator Sorting Machine

Technology Data:

              Model                             KS1280
Layer No.                                                1
Output (T/h)                1-4cm                  8-12
              4-8 Mesh                  4-8
              8-16 Mesh                  3-6
              16-26 Mesh                  1-2
Carryover (bad: good)                                         ≥22:1
Accuracy (%)                                         ≥99%
Voltage (V/Hz)                                    220V/50HZ
Power (Kw)                                        1.6-2.5
Air pressure (Mpa)                                        0.6-0.8
Consumption (L/min)                                        2400
Weight (Kg)                                        1250
Dimensions (mm)                             2405 x 2244 x 1316

Full Color Optical Mineral Grades and Separator Sorting Machine Features:

1. Application of air-cooled system
The application of air-cooled system has solved the problems of high temperature, heavy energy loss and short service life – all of which were caused by longtime utilization of an LED light source, ensuring the durability of an LED light source under a constant temperature.
2. Color image acquisition system
Using high-definition color CCD camera image acquisition system, to achieve material (RGB) red, green and blue three color information acquiring, depth recognition tiny fine color sorter can choose other impurities. Transparent or non transparent selection of transparent material.
3. Cloud object link system
Autonomous cloud control, cloud computing technology, the realization of online operations, online monitoring, online services, free upgrades.
4. Image processing system
International high-end color line scan technology, the International frontiers of DSP+FPGA processing technology, CCD reached 5400 X 10K scan capture, color and shape of the combination of a variety of models of complex intelligent algorithm, for different ore materials provide “the color selection and shape selective penetration of the solution.
5. Solenoid Valves
The only independently developed dedicated solenoid valves with independent intellectual property rights for color sorters in the industry; special high-strength materials, strong suction, no residual magnetism, linear flow, precise blow, high consistency, significantly lowered optimal carryover; gas consumption for removing 1 ton materials is reduced by 20-30%; the frequency can be up to 1200hz per second, the fastest response time is within 0.5m/s, the service life is 5-10 billion times.
6. Operating system
With intelligent operating platform, the system can be mastered and operated easily, turning the intelligent communication between human and machine into reality and eliminating all your concerns about operating.
7. Light source processing system
Using LED light source background board, intelligent flexible conversion of the background light RGB color, set more simple.
8. Circulating ash cleaning system
Round high-strength glass, 360 degree automatic rotation cleaning, without shutdown timer cleaning, improve the efficiency of the machine and sorting effect.
9. Dust removal system
The original dust removal system, can remove raw material attached to the ethereal matter, dust automatic winnowing, effectively enhance the color sorting accuracy and effectiveness.

Recommended Applications:

Cobblestone,   Barite ,  Cryolite ,Calcite,Feldspar,Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

Example of Sorting:


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