How Does PET Color Sorting Machine Help You?

How Does PET Color Sorting Machine Help You?

Plastic flake Color Sorting Machine will increase the value of your recycled plastic material.This cutting edge technology has been refined specifically for the plastic recycling sector.

It is able to sort a variety of plastics:PET flake,HDPE flakes,PP,ABS and plastic pellets.

Maximizing the value of scrap plastic,by grouping mixed granules and flakes into their individual colours .

High efficiency in removal of unwanted colours,glued flakes and FM(foreign material),resulting in the lowest contamination level.

AMD delivering the highest capacity solutions and production volume.

Plastic flake Color Sorting Machine

Features of plastic flake color sorting machine

  • Optical sorting for mixed color material
  • Ideal for removing contamination and increasing recycling plastics value.
  • Ability to programme and sort multi colors.
  • High frequency ejection system for extreme accuracy.
  • Affordable price for plastic processors.

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