Frequently Asked Questions About Color Sorter Machine

The equipment involves an automatic fault detection and alarm function, and the fault parts will be indicated by an indicator light or shown by a color display. Users can usually solve the problem by themselves.

Faults Causes Solutions
Air leakage of solenoid valves Foreign matters found in valves Blow air into the valve in a reverse direction for repeatedly test
Wear of valve components Replace worn parts
Solenoid valves fail to work Poor contact of valve wires Re-plug or repair poor contact parts to enable good contact
Damaged control circuit boards Replace control circuit control boards
An inadequate amount of air injection for solenoid valves Solenoid valves are not switched to the assigned location Re-adjust or replace solenoid valves
Air pressure is too low Check the pressure gauge and corresponding air piping
Rice leaps on rice channels The water content in rice is excessively high Dry the rice for re-sorting
Ashes on rice channels cake Clean the rice channel with a piece of soft cloth
Scratches occur on rice channels Replace rice channels with new ones
Frequent action of color sorting indicator lights and electromagnetic valves (fluorescent lamps) Fluorescent lights are burn out Replace fluorescent lamps with new ones
Color sorting modes are not set correctly Set color sorting modes correctly
Damaged power supplies for fluorescent lamps Replace power supplies
Background plates get stuck Restore stuck boards
Rice sorting waves are not correctly set Re-adjust background plates
Fluorescent lamps are not lightened Re-lighten fluorescent lamps
Circuit fault reminders appear Circuit fault Please contact us
Poor rice sorting results on channels at both sides Fluorescent lamps are black at both ends Replace fluorescent
The equipment don’t work at all Sensitivity is too low Adjust sensitivity
Background plates are improperly adjusted Adjust background plates
Sorted grains are increasingly inferior ones during a certain period Dust accumulates on glass plates in the sorting chamber Wipe off dust with a clean piece of cloth
Parameters of sensitivity and background plates change Re-set parameters
Rice channels are unheated Check the heating system
Dust wipers are damaged and aged Replace dust wipers
Poor sorting results on a single side of the system Poor cleaning results due to inappropriate action of rodless cylinders Adjust the wiping speed of dust wipers
Color Sorters often shut down Excessively high sensitivity; re-adjust the sensitivity Background plates (or waveforms) are not adjusted properly
Re-adjust Background plates Excessively high content of yellow grains
Reduce output Inadequate air supply pressure
Check the air pressure and air passage to find out they are proper; re-adjust the air passage Protection of air pressure often occurs
Try to make pipes unblocked clean or replace relative filter elements