Color Sorting Process

Color Sorting Process.Color Sorting Process

After moved by a lifter into color sorters from the top, grains will go through a two-stage sorting process. At the first stage, good-quality grains will be sorted out from inferior grains; then at the second stage, the inferior grains will be subject to a secondary sorting action after being moved into a secondary-sorting channel, whereby good-quality grains will be further sorted out and moved by a lifter back to the inlet of color sorters for re-sorting, and inferior grains will be taken as waste and discarded.

(First-stage Sorted Grain Barn, Second-stage Sorted Grain Barn, Unsorted Grain Barn, Inlet of Unsorted Grain, Secondary-stage Sorted Good Quality Grain (Front Port), Final Inferior Grains (Rear Port), First-stage Sorted Inferior Grain (Rear Port), First-stage Sorted Inferior Grains (Front Port), Final High-quality Grain Barn Marked with Green Lines; First-stage Sorted Inferior Grains (Front Port) Marked with Red Line; First-stage Sorted Inferior Grains (Rear Port) Marked with Purple Lines; Second-stage Sorted High-quality Grains (Front Port) Marked with Black Lines; Final Inferior Grains (Rear Port).


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